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Sound off for June 3
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To the commanders at Fort Stewart: What’s wrong with your single soldier housing? Why are all the single soldiers living off-post and renting four to five of them per house? I thought we appropriated money so that they could have a decent place to live. And yet, I’m told you have vacant quarters for these enlisted soldiers.

Beware: Your gas fuel prices seem to be coming down. They’re going to come down before the election, but then after the election and Obama gets back in, it will go up.

The Army now has regulations pertaining to how people dress when they’re off duty. Nowadays, when you’re off duty, men are not allowed to wear earrings, and they’re not allowed to paint their fingernails. Isn’t this just terrible? I retired in ’85 and never saw a soldier with earrings, and I’m 65 and I never saw a man with painted fingernails. What’s the Army coming to?

Thank you, Coastal Courier, for putting on the front page that about the new way to churn ice cream. That was great; thank you for letting our students see this.

The Long County High School pictures that were in the Courier are terrible, on that page where the black student’s faces didn’t show. The photographer that took these didn’t know much about taking pictures it seems. They need to get better pictures for black students.

I just would like to say to some of the people sitting in their palace at the board of education who profess to be Christians should maybe rethink some of the decisions they make that affect other people’s lives so drastically.

When a team wins all the games, it’s not one person who is the person who won the game. It’s a defense, it’s a middle, it’s everyone. You can’t win games without a whole team working together. It’s not one person winning the game.

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