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Sound off for June 8
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I was raised in the 50s, so forgive me if I’m old-fashioned, but is it appropriate to wear shower shoes in church? I know the important thing is the fact that you’re there — but shower shoes in church? What part do I not compute?

There’s some stores that do not publish where they’re at in the Coastal Courier. The A.C. Moore arts and craft store, and the new candy store in Hinesville — where is its location? It’s bad about not being able to see where the stores are to shop at.

All you Obama supporters out there, you must be on welfare or gay. I’ve worked my butt off every day for assets to be able to put something away or to put food on the table. And sometimes that’s even hard to do. Enjoy your president.

Shame on those teachers who cheated on that CRCT. You know who you are, and you know you shouldn’t be doing it.

I don’t know how I can be called racist when my great-great grandparents were also Irish like President Obama’s, and they were white. So we could be related in some way. I have a right to question what he does as the president.

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