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Sound off for Mar. 23

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This is the second time my child has come home and told me he was denied a drink of water because the teacher was punishing the whole class for some students talking. Is that the policy of the Board of Education?

Why is there a teacher at Snelson-Golden Middle School teaching students that their parents are racist if they vote for Trump. I’m all for middle schoolers being taught about politics, but it should be unbiased. And if you are member of the NAACP, you are hardly unbiased.

Wow, I just find it hard to believe some of the crazy business coming from the Board of Education. You moved two certified employees from our school and left the teacher who caused all the problems.

Congratulations and Harriet Boyd and Mary Wells on your retirement. Job well-done. God bless you.

As warm as it is getting this early in the year, does this mean we’re in for a very H-O-T summer?

The commissioner talks about an entertainment center with SPLOST funds. That just another way for parents to avoid disciplining and raising their children. We do need to vote for SPLOST. That’s just throwing money away, but not for a center.

How can the Liberty County Board of Commissioners ask us to give 1 percent more in sales tax when none of us seniors citizens got an increase in Social Security, and all those people out there with no jobs? I think we need a whole new bunch of people handling our business up there.

I agree with Dot Moss. Seniors should not pay school taxes. And people without children should not pay those taxes either. Why pay that tax when we have no children. I hope she’s successful.

Why does the paper not cover the track meets at Bradwell, considering all the awesome track meets they have?

1933, Adolf Hitler came to power. Don’t let Donald Trump be the second coming of Hitler.

It looks like we are headed for a civil war. Religion and racism, and we have these people promoting this kind of behavior, certainly something drastic is going to happen pretty soon.

Congratulations, Bradwell for going back to traditional teaching. Many kids now are sitting, watching videos because the teacher can’t fill the whole period with lessons.

If there is one thing that dominates Sound off, it is complaining about leadership at the Liberty County School System. For the upcoming election there are three seats coming up. Guess what, none of the incumbents had any challengers. People, why don’t you just hush up if you’re not going to try to make a difference.

There is a cheap and easy way to solve the drug problem with lethal injection of condemned prisoners. Just buy a dime bag of heroin and give it to them all at once. They’ll even go out happy.

Hey coach, why don’t you try with 4-1-4? You’re never going to score with one forward just standing there, scared to attack, can’t control the ball. She gives it right back to the other team. It takes more than one player to score. It takes a team to learn to pass, and not scream at each other.

I will not vote for ESPLOST until seniors are exempt from paying school taxes.

With the band director leaving Bradwell, the football team will have to sell their own blood to pay for officiating since there will be no paying spectators.

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