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Sound off for March 1

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I noticed they are putting a vote on SPLOST on the May, I believe, 24th ballot. I wonder how many people know they are trying to sneak one passed us? I bet they haven’t done anything to upgrade or look at their poor management of the fund.
Editor’s note: County officials have said SPLOST will be on the Nov. 8 ballot, and the Coastal Courier has, and will continue to, report on SPLOST discussions.

Property owners who leave their homes for others to rent out for them should do background checks on potential owners. I notice we’ve been infested by people who are doing illegal things, and it is unsafe.

The pharmacy at Winn Army Community Hospital has been run into the ground. Reckless management with pharmacists and technicians are looking to jump ship. Administration needs to address this before congressional complaints are filed.

This is for the commander at Fort Stewart: Is there any way we can have the guys do PT another way. You’ve got the whole National Guard area blocked and it’s hard to get to work at Winn Army Community Hospital. Is there another area they can use?

Monday night, we had bad weather, we had rain and thunder. I’ve been back from Vietnam for 45 years and I’ve never heard anything like that thunder. It scared the everything out of me.

To the person who keeps calling about the three Wal-Marts in Hinesville and tax dollars. That just shows the ignorance of that caller about how the economy works. It must be a Bernie Sanders follower.

Wal-Mart is a private owned business. They make their own decisions. The city didn’t bring them here. They are not calling all the small stores. You can find a list of those that are closing on the Internet.

Here’s to the person complaining about the slavery and the Underground Railroad lesson at Taylors Creek. Get your facts straight. It is a standard required for first-graders. The teacher was only trying to make the lesson fun and meaningful. Thanks for ruining this innovative lesson. Hashtag #EducateYourself.

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