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Sound off for March 1
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

There was a promotion in Midway on Feb. 11, two police officers, and we were not put in the Coastal Courier at all. However, when something negative goes on in the city limits of Midway, it’s always in the Coastal Courier. Why aren’t the good things about the city limits of Midway and the police officers being put in the paper as well as the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office? {Editor’s note: The LCSO communicates frequently with the paper. We cannot cover that which we do not know about.

As the tax season has now come upon us, I just ask that the consumers be wise. When spending your money, please, do not rent something when you have the option to go out and buy. The rental companies are charging you double what you could pay to get it at a local hometown store. Take your tax dollars and make a smart consumer judgment instead of going through a rental company.

Please, Long County, fill in the potholes on Elim Church Road.

No wonder that people are not building on Isle of Wight or here in Midway on Isle of Wight. They are selling their properties — when we moved back here in 2009, it was like $500 on taxes, now it’s almost $900 on taxes. I’m about ready to move back to Savannah. There’s no sense in going up and giving up more taxes for things that are not necessary here.

I would like to thank The Heritage Bank and all the employees that worked Saturday in and out of the rain and in and out of cover of the weather to provide the shredding service that was needed here in the city. That is an example of one business doing community service.

To the caller about the so-called disgusting political cartoon: The president is in fact black, the donkey is in fact the symbol of the Democratic party. It seems you’re the one hung up on race.

Please, Coastal Courier, do not get rid of Sound off. I’ve been a subscriber to the Hinesville paper since before you could subscribe — I’ve been reading for over 30 years, and the Sound off is my favorite. I turn to it when I first get my paper, and it’s the first thing I read.

In reference to the Liberty County transportation supervisor, I pay for my child’s breakfast and lunch every day of the school year. I’m not going round and round about the transportation supervisor. His contract will not be renewed by the board of education; enough said.

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