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Sound off for March 11
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The bull that’s on Wall Street and the calf that Moses’ people had built when he returned from the mountain, they’re very similar in reasoning. May god bless you and take care of us all.

For the person wondering why the recreation vehicle was out of town: The all-star teams go all over for tournaments to play off. We just came back way past Atlanta on a tournament, so if you’re up that way and you’re wondering what we’re doing up there.

Would the Coastal Courier please investigate the Long County election process? Our wonderful officials have decided we will have yet another election due to poor losers at the courthouse. I heard it will take $300,000 for this bogus do-over. Thank you.

If you are a working person, you should be concerned that Obama is taking all these vacations because you’re paying for them; they’re coming out of your tax money. And then also to the person who’s going to sit home on furlough, it’s better than having more taxes taken out of your paycheck. We need to have cutbacks in the government. Everybody needs to work better. There’s lots of places that they need to cut and you can help find those places.

Yeah, I’d like to know what the deal is with Long County. I mean, come on, what’s it going to take, another kid getting killed on a four-wheeler or someone getting seriously injured trying to avoid hitting one on a four-wheeler, before Long County gets these things off of public roads? I mean, this is ridiculous.

The political cartoon on the editorial page of the Wednesday, March 6, newspaper was one of the most idiotic and blatantly untrue cartoons concerning the GOP I’ve ever seen. If you people at the Coastal Courier really believe this way , I guess I won’t renew my subscription, ‘cause you’ve drank the Kool-Aid.

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