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Sound off for March 15
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The school board should find out why Bradwell charges kids $300 for baseball uniforms. Liberty apparently gets free uniforms, First Presbyterian charges $100 and has less kids to order for. What, are these uniforms made of gold or something?

They talk about expenditures. A presidential trip from Washington to California, any city that can take Air Force One and spend the night, and back to Washington the next day, the total cost is upward to $2 million. That’s the cost of the airplane budgeted that the Air Force has to spend, the Secret Service, the explosive ordnance people. That’s all the restrictions placed on a city that he visits, only just for lunch.

I’m calling about our representative, Jack Kingston. It’s not personal, I’m calling about what he did. He voted against taxes for our roads.  He voted not to help our infrastructure, Tattnall County, and half the counties in his district. The kids couldn’t go to school because he turned down the money for us to fix our infrastructure, our roads and bridges. Now our kids have been out of school for four days. He needs to fix this district.

People that suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder already know how it affects you. It can be from everyday life, from trauma, from war. I was in Desert Storm. I heard bombs — every day, every night, bombs all night long. And right now, anything that sounds like a bomb, I get really, really traumatized. I really want help.

Thank you for putting on the front page the beautiful picture and news of the church of the call of the wild. It was really beautiful, and thank you for putting good news on the front page again.

Like I said before, yes, I do have it made now. And yes, I do still sing in the choir, and yes, I am intending to keep wearing my nice things to the church. But if you just want to keep watching me and see what I do and not do anything for yourself, that’s your business. I got it made now, so get with that.

If you want the Coastal Courier to keep on having people take out the Sunday paper, then go back with the regular funny papers. You need to vote with people to see if they want the funnies cut out. Most people will tell you they want the funnies like they had before — please put it back so I don’t drop my paper.

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