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Sound off for March 16
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivates the callers:

Do you think if enough of us active-duty and retired soldiers called Kroger’s corporate headquarters that they would reinstate the 10 percent off for soldiers? Let’s all give it a try. I know I tried.

I just come on my way from work and just saw two empty buses, one coming off Fort Stewart and one down 84 as I was standing outside by Pizza Hut. Bus seemed to be empty.

Did anyone see the Glenn Beck show on Fox cable news last week where President Obama signed an executive order to lone Brazil $2 billion to drill for oil off their shores for the sole purpose of benefitting China and not the USA?

Darrell Mainey, one of my friends, saved our trailer from burning up. There was a house burning and he knocked on the trailer door and said, “There’s a house on fire right behind you.” My hat’s off to you, Darrell Mainey, and you’re a good person.

I would like to know why no one in this county has the backbone to investigate our law enforcement and judicial system.

I read where the Long County Commission received a $400,000 grant to restore the depot. But the county commission has decided that the depot is not a worthwhile thing to save. The money was given to restore historic buildings and that’s what they need to do. If not, I think y’all need to submit to a drug test.

I want to compliment Joselynn McKenna on her Sunday article in the paper. This young girl has got her head screwed on right. I read her article first thing every Sunday morning. I think some of the rest of the military spouses ought to pay attention to her writing. She’s human, she’s practical and she’s living a mature life.

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