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Sound off for March 20
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To the person in today’s Sound off that was talking about the president’s days off: President Obama has taken 84 days vacation time in four years, and President Bush took 250 days in two years. You need to get your facts straight before you start talking about stuff you don’t know.

About President Obama taking vacation days, it is by law given to all presidents. Why is it that when President Obama does something that presidents have been doing for the last 200 years, it’s a problem all of a sudden? Is it because he doesn’t look like you?

People who own property near Fort Stewart or along Frank Cochran had best put it up for sale, because the city in their quiet re-zoning will make it commercial to benefit somebody’s pocketbook. The homeowners near that motel, that was unpublished, unannounced, are just trapped. Nobody will buy the house. Owners, the city council and the planning commission will do you in.

I really hope somebody at city hall will get someone’s attention, especially the Coastal Courier. I live in Timber Ridge, and we do not know who our city councilman is. There was a guy come by here several years ago that said he was running, and we’d never see him, we never hear anything about our area, and several of us have tried to find out what his official email address is for the city and who he is. All we get when we call in is, “Well, we’ll pass that message.”

Please tell me why the man that griped about the dogs barking all night — has he ever lived next door to someone with four or five kids wanting to stay up all hours of the night? We caused this problem with people just shoving dogs out and not taking care of them. If people don’t want them, they need to take them to the vet and have them  put down, not just throw them out like trash.

I’d like to give kudos to the large number of young people that were out last Saturday on Highway 84 picking up trash.

If computers know all your secrets and expose you, I know you know that God knows also. He knows how you love and how you hate, and with asteroids passing us every week and people falling into sinkholes, it’s time to get yourself right with God, because we never know when he might call us.

The high schools would make more attendance and more money at their games if they charged a regular fee of $3, $2 for seniors, $1 for students and nothing for kids under 10. This would give more attendance; people cannot afford to pay $5 for every game, especially if their child never plays.

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