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Sound off for March 21

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Can somebody please explain to me why Liberty County 911 charges for every cellphone we have $1.50 every month, not just one household, I’m talking about everybody’s cellphone.

Why has the Courier stopped printing Sound offs about the school system? Have you been told not to? You have printed some other ones that make no sense to anyone reading them, so space is not the issue.

I wonder if the bus drivers for Liberty County are required to like the speed limits? I was just driving on Highway 84 and a bus came by me like was I was standing still. They do haul our children.

Fort Stewart parents, don’t take your children to the commissary. All you hear from the employees is derogatory language, when I ask to speak to a supervisor to file a complaint, to my surprise I was directed to speak to the person, I heard using the f-word.

Everyone in Liberty County who owns a marquee should be honored to post congratulations to the Liberty County High School team. Let’s go, Panthers.

It is a shame that community members have to donate money to pay for the championship rings for LCHS’s basketball team. The BoE should be paying for those rings. They have a secret slush fund, and that money would be better spent celebrating students than it is feeding the BoE members a lavish meal every time they have a meeting. And yes,you can do this for every team that wins a state championship. I don’t think there will be that many.

Please build a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market or something in Long County. We need it real bad.

The public participation on Riceboro’s council meeting agenda is a joke. God forbid you address any concerns you as a citizen may have because the mayor is very unprofessional in his response. Instead of letting you speak, he would rather over talk you and raise his voice to get his point across. Why even have a public participation section if you do not know how to handle it accordingly? You want to be in a position of service, but you are not a people’s person. Something is wrong with that picture!

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