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Sound off for March 3
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Is Obama fixing to put Tiger Woods in a position in the White House so he can slip away and play golf often? I hope he doesn’t.

For the military retiree calling about receiving $1,000 less in 2012 than 2011, I am also a military retiree. In 2011 we received 13 checks, thus receiving more in 2011 than in 2010; therefore less in 2012 than in 2011, while receiving the normal 12 checks. 2011 was the first time ever we received 13 checks, and probably the last time.  

I was just coming into the city limits of Jesup, and a Liberty County recreation van just flew by me. I’d like to know what a Liberty County Rec. Department van is doing in Wayne County?

I laughed reading quotes from Republican Jack Kingston. Rep. Kingston stated Obama proposed sequestration, while in reality, an equal number of Republicans and Democrats actually wrote sequestration. Further, he said Obama controls the Senate. The Senate has a solid Republican majority and is chaired by Republican Boehner. (Editor’s note: The Senate has a Democrat majority and is lead by Democratic Sen. Harry Reid; the House of Representatives, the body in which Kingston serves, has a Republican majority and is led by Speaker John Boehner.)

I’m so tired of anyone posting about the president taking vacation with or without his family. President Barack Obama observed the same privilege that all presidents have had in the past. Check how many times President George Bush, George H.W. Bush, even Bill Clinton, took vacation and nothing was said about it. He is observing the same privilege everyone else has had.

It takes telling the truth in order to make it into heaven, because the Bible says no liars can dwell there. There are a lot of people that are going to hell. Well-known people will be going to hell because they lie a lot. And you can’t lie to God; he already knows your heart and who you love and who you hate.

I’m sitting at home contemplating what I want to do on my 20 days of unpaid vacation, and I really would like to thank our Congressman, and my coworkers, federal employees who voted for him. Maybe next time we’ll think when we’re voting for Congress.

I live on Sutton Street, and this is the third time that my mail has been soaking wet when I get it out of the box. Every other day they push my mail always to the back. The day it’s raining, they pull it to the front and do not close my box. I have magazines, I have bank statements, I have my paycheck, all ruined. If anybody else is having this problem, please call the post office and talk to the postmaster.

The heaviest, most awesome article you printed in Sunday’s paper was a story about Sgt. Aaron Wittman. Respectfully speaking as an old hippie would have said, totally awesome dudes. That was an amazing truly awesome article you printed about Sgt. Aaron Wittman. I’m a retired soldier, E-7.

Well, they’re at it again. Long County started enforcing the four-wheeler deal, and now they’re just sort-of like blowing it off. Now you watch deputies ride by four-wheelers in the middle of the road, popping wheelies and everything else, and not doing anything about it.

I was standing with my neighbor yesterday when he called 911 to come out and put an end to some four-wheelers on Long County roads. A reasonable response time for a sheriff’s department is not three hours; and then when they do show up, they just ride by them? Come on people.

Why doesn’t Georgia have a flat tag price like other states do? Why is it that you work and have a good job, you can afford a good car and you get punished? Also, I guess they don’t trust the people in Georgia; apparently we’re cheating and not paying the right cost on our cars. Shame, shame on Georgia — taxes going up, and you want to take all the money from the people.

Why don’t the people of Hinesville have the right to vote whether the mayor and city council go on all these trips? Especially to China. They should never have been allowed to go to China; and why do our taxes go up when people are blowing our money? There should be a limit on how many trips they take.

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