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Sound off for March 6
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The only way politicians would think people are cheating is because they cheat themselves. Why would they want people who have their tags to pay more money and make sure they pay up front? Because they think everybody’s cheap. Don’t vote for politicians who think everybody’s cheap; why would they think that?

Well, everybody, your last paycheck, you lost 2 percent. Now, all they’re doing is asking the government to stop its spending by 2.4 percent. Any of us that work at Fort Stewart see the weight and know that that can be done. Why is the president going around trying to scare everybody with 2.4 reductions? This is horrible.

Exactly how do you get to this amphitheatre? I can see it from the highway, but not how you get to it. And where would you park?

For the past few days ever since it started raining, every time I go to get my mail, it is soaking wet. I have a new mailbox, and any other day, they push the mail to the back of the box and close the box. It seems like ever since it started raining — and I don’t know if I have a new carrier or not — they are putting my mail right in the front of my box and not shutting it.

If not having beer and wine sales on Sunday has got something to do with religion, then that’s against the law. Also, it’s so strange that the ones who fight against it are the ones we see getting it on post on Sundays because they’ve got a military ID.

It’s time for you to really pay attention as Christians to the end time mentioned in the Bible. We’re moving closer to the mark of the beast, where you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark upon you in some type of form. Even the weather is crying out — it may be a gush of water.

High gas prices have nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats or who is president. The prices come from those owners of the petroleum, such as BP and others that set their own prices. They set the prices, not the Republicans or Democrats or the president.

High gas prices are more related to this tax season than if the president is a Democrat or Republican. Anyone gets tax refunds, then gas prices go up. They make money just like Walmart and all other retail products in the United States. It builds the economy.

I’m a disabled American veteran, and on a cold Thursday night about 2 a.m. in about 20-degree weather, an officer from the Midway Police Department took time and money out of his own pocket to put air and money in a tire for me. The Midway Police Department has taken a real beating in the press, and we need to support our local police department. They need to be commended, not criticized.

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