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Sound off for March 6
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Here are some of the issues that area residents  are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

Friday, on the 25th, after a long road trip, I stopped at Kroger’s in Hinesville to grab something quick for supper and there was a nice gentleman ahead of me and he told the cashier to ring it on his credit card. I was so shocked all I could say was, “Thank you, can I give you a hug?” I’m a Christian. I should have said God bless you and your family. Thanks again.

This is for buddy that made the comment about the front gate being open 24/7. Gate 7 is open 24/7 also but the traffic there seems to be backed up pretty good, too. So it’s not just the front gate that’s congested. It’s gate 7 also. Frank Cochran doesn’t open until 5. The problem really lies with just two guards per gate. And I think that really is the problem. So watch what you say, guys.

This is for the caller that referred to people that’s being a pea brain and being impatient. Guys, if the gates are open 24/7, why is the traffic backed all the way up to Hardee’s? Can you say open mouth, insert foot? Ha!

You know, about these buses, instead of putting the route numbers that nobody has any idea what the route is, why don’t we do something ingenious like put the next destination above the bus windshield instead of the route number?

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