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Sound off for March 7

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To the uninformed person who wrote about spending tax money on Azalea Dr. There are actually ten tax paying families that live on Azalea Dr. If you really want to complain then you might want to check into why the county is paving four miles of road with only two families on it. These families are entitled to the same benefits as all other tax payers.

The new city councilwoman that wants to relax the sign ordinance just for campaign signs is a loon. What about when I wanna rent a building or something? They take mine down if I put ’em in the wrong place.

Sound off, concerned citizen. I was wondering, as a citizen, is there a certain amount of speed limit you supposed to go? If you’re a bus driver and you ride in a commercial area and there is no speed limit, is it all right to drive as fast as you want to? Somebody please help me. My concern is that we have children in the area, and sometimes they see these buses running faster than normal. But just because there’s not a speed limit in the area, it’s still, do they have the right to just drive faster than normal? Somebody help me.

Can someone please convince JimmyMack to come back to the blogs?

Ted Cruz is a certifiable lunatic.

Where is JimmyMack on the blogs? We need to get him back on the blogs. Where is he?

OK, if I was speeding on Highway 84, I would get a ticket. But to the officer who’s dropping a child off at Liberty Elementary and speeds to Liberty County High School, I really don’t think that’s fair. You guys really need to check on that.

Liberty County Courthouse, how about replacing the tattered state flag that you’re flying on your flagpole outside and see if you can get a United States flag to match the same size as the state flag?

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