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Sound off for May 15
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned on anonymously, so the Coureir does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we knoww hat motivated the callers:

Hey, Walthourville, what’s the hold up? You haven’t replaced our recycling bins yet. Our families enjoyed them and some things are just better left alone. It doesn’t cost a thing and I, along with many other people, would like to have them back.

How come the housing market has depreciated 17.5 percent in Georgia and our property taxes keep increasing? I would like someone to explain that to me.

To last week’s caller about prisoners not being able to get a job, it depends on the crime that they committed. Think about that.

I’d like to know when the Liberty County School System is going to release next year’s school calendar. We need it. We can’t make any plans until we know what the school calendar is for Liberty County.

That justice center is just ridiculous. We are in a depression. The economy is in a depression, and Hinesville’s building a justice center like the Taj Mahal. What is wrong with these people in this town?

To the people who think they can go around just hurting people and thinking, “Oh, it’s OK — they’ll eventually forgive me,” it doesn’t work that way. People eventually will get fed up with you and all your nonsense.

I wonder what the people who spend the money in Liberty County think of the taxpayers. Every time you turn around, they’re spending another $1 million for something. Come on, leaders, get a grip on things.

I would like to know how the owner of a restaurant can verbally abuse and attack somebody and get away with it in this town.

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