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Sound off for May 15
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

To answer the statement in the Sound off about the board of education firing the transportation director: I don’t have anything to do about that, but the part about lowering the requirements for the next one, you need to read the qualifications because it was lowered so the transportation director could keep the job.

Well, there goes the neighborhood. We just found out that a subdivision is going to be built adjoining our property. We moved out here in the country to get away from all that noise and crime and stuff. People think subdivisions are good; they’re only good for the builder and the owner. They mean more people, more crime, more trash, more traffic, more noise. I see nothing good about it. Oh, it also triples our property tax, which is bad for poor retirees like us.

Hey, does anybody know where walking parks are in Hinesville? I’m new to the area and would really love to get out and walk in some nice parks that maybe have a bench to sit on or a couple of shade trees. If anybody knows of nice walking parks within Hinesville, please call the Sound off and let it be known.

I just read Jennifer Tucker’s letter in May 8’s paper, and I would like to know the name of that restaurant if we could.

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