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Sound off for May 18
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When is the government going to challenge all of the illegals we have that are using our food stamps, our WIC? We have people who really need it. The government is not doing what they’re supposed to, then it jumps on the states for trying to do their job.

I need some advice. I have a friend who tends to get herself involved with other people’s spouses. And the sad thing is my friend works with this guy. What is it going to take for her to wake up and see that this is not the right thing for her to do? She knows she’s wrong; he knows he’s wrong. What advice can anyone give her and him? I’m afraid somebody will lose their job shortly.

Who’s going to collect timber taxes in Long County?

We live in low-income housing in Northgate Apartments; you’re not supposed to have a man living with you. But I guarantee you, every two to three months, they’re changing maintenance men, and all these men have keys and they just go in and out your door. I know they’re not checking backgrounds; they come from every country, and they don’t care who they’re letting in our house.

We need to pray and pray for our president saying “same sex marriage is alright.” If a Christian votes for him, you need to read my bible. God help him; it made me sick.

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