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Sound off for May 18

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There has been a change in the school-governance team membership at Bradwell Institute. I hope this group is better trained and empowered to rein in the dictates of its leadership. The former members had no input in the schedule change coming next year, despite what was reported previously.

Oh, the Republican Party is done. Stick a fork in it. It’s created a monstrous thing and you can’t blame nobody but yourself. For eight years, Congress hasn’t done anything but complain and object. Now we’ve got a monster we can’t get rid of. What we really need to do is get some educated young folks to build a new party that uses commons sense, and get rid of these old hats with the same bigoted ideas.

Today, the controlled burning at Fort Stewart has put tons of pollution into the air over Hinesville. These burns ruin a nice spring day and kill thousands of small animals. It destroys habitat to include turkey and quail and other small animals.

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