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Sound off for May 2

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Local all-you-can-eat buffet place, total rip off on Sundays. You pay more and get less. Main menu items missing, no steaks and you get leftovers for another restaurant in its place.

On the radio the other day they asked a question: What do you call a bear without teeth? The answer was a gummy bear.

Good job city tax assessors, no notice of issues, except in the paper. Now I’ve got to take time off work to fix a situation that should have never occurred.

Hinesville has the capability of becoming one of the most beautiful and resourceful cities within the Coastal Empire. Let’s take pride and clean up our housing communities. Remove the dilapidated automobiles. Cut our lawns; pick up the trash and garbage. Splash on a little paint, and add a little neighborly support if needed to accomplish tasks. Come on, Hinesville, let’s do it soon and continue throughout the year.

Mayor Allen Brown, in 4/23/16 paper, is talking about the SPLOST tax again. He needs to look are the root cause of the funding shortfall. There are too many people in the county who do not pay their fair share of property tax. One way to increase revenue is to make the disability benefit for reduced property taxes income base. If someone makes over $43,038, which is the median income for the county, they should not qualify for the benefit. There are too many people collecting this benefit who have income over this amount.

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