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Sound off for May 23
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I’d like to say thank you to Mrs. Trawick, Joseph Martin Elementary School teacher, from all of her students. We loved you to death; you are a wonderful teacher.

I would like to know why Joseph Martin Elementary School has trouble publishing their honor roll names.

A member of St. Peter AME Church, has criticized everyone including the pastor. I say if you don’t like it, you need to go to a different church. You need to focus on your family and get closer to them. Your day is going to come; you need to pray.

To the caller who wanted to know why our property taxes are set at 40 percent: Forty percent is the amount they multiply by your home’s assessed value. That is then multiplied by the millage rate, which determines what your taxes are.

Why is Liberty Rec the only one in the area that only allows the girls to have two strikes and then they’re out? This is not fair to the girls, and they’re only learning how to hit a fly pitch. This is not fair.

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