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Sound off for May 23

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In response to the nameless, faceless buttheads that want to criticize our fine Long County sheriff. It’s amazing how people act when they don’t have to face the sheriff or his supporters. Why do perpetual losers want to argue about perpetual winners? Nobleism is alive and well.

These people pushing ESPLOST need to get over it. The citizens are tired of having this pushed down their throats. Have them stand on a corner on Saturday where it’s real busy with their hat out and maybe they’ll collect some. It’s a darn rip-off. We don’t need all these extras.

Why does Sheriff Nobles hover around the courthouse daily during early voting? Is he trying to intimidate a voters? Should he as a candidate even be up there at the polls during the early voting hours? Why doesn’t the elections superintendent do something?

Bradwell hasn’t played a spring game on its own field in two years to preserve the grass that has not grown efficiently since it was planted. However, five miles away the Panthers can play on their field that has the same grass. What’s their secret to athletic and horticultural dominance?

Are you concerned that Sharia Law, the law of Islam, is being legislated here in America? Here are some of the tenets of Sharia: Government base on religious doctrine, women have fewer rights than men, homosexuality is outlawed, rejecting science in favor of religion, no separation of church and state, Religion is taught in school, and abortion is illegal. Curiously, these are the same beliefs as the Republican Party.

The Democrats need to stop brow-beating voters via social media and mail.As a group, your practices have always been ethically questionable. But offering to take someone’s absentee ballot crosses a line. I don’t need you to tell me to vote.

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