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Sound off for May 24
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I have just a feeling this morning after reading the paper about the hunger rate in Georgia and the situation in the Liberty County Senior Center. I’m not a member of that, but I’m growing toward that age. But I can see that Liberty County is going to increase vastly if they keep building public buildings that remain partially empty and going in debt and taking it and raising the seniors’ assessments, which I’m not talking about big time homeowners. I’m talking about people trying to live on what little income that they have left. When you start taking the tax increase and all of the various increases that the politicians seem to go on their trips and all that, there’s going to be a lot more hungry people and a lot more people migrating out. And the youngsters are looking at that now, and they’re moving out. So Liberty County, please — and you officials please — take a look, even though it may not be affecting you. And obviously it isn’t, because you’re not going hungry.

I would like to know if the Liberty County Animal Control’s answering machine is not working. I’ve been calling for two weeks straight, and no one has returned my call. Does somebody work in that place? Can someone please check it out? Can they please return calls? Why have an answering machine if you don’t return calls?
To the person who wants to know when Liberty County High School will get a new basketball coach: They should get their facts together and take it to the board and plead their case why they should get another basketball coach.

Sandy Run Drive in Hinesville behind Enmark has the sorriest patched roads you would ever drive on.  Come on; I think you can do better than that with the funds that’s in there for roads. Also, how about Isle of White, the old-time patch? And it’s so sorry that you want to go around the patch job. It’s time to try doing better work on the patching.

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