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Sound off for May 29
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To the person who wants to know when Liberty would get a new basketball coach: The Liberty program has the best record in the county for boys’ basketball, and the Bradwell girls had the best program in the county for girls’ basketball. If you want a new coach in this county, just check the records and make your case.

Congratulations, Mrs. Durden, on your retirement as director of Bradwell chorus. The spring concert Thursday at the Methodist church was awesome. The chorus did an outstanding performance. You even had unique audience participation. I really enjoyed myself. I saw you direct a performance at Armstrong Atlantic State University; you are so cool, you let the students shine.

 To all the teachers out there, if the majority of your students fail a test, you should not put it in your gradebook. You need to examine yourself, reteach and retest.

I’m a veteran and I just read where someone’s complaining about Arbor Day and the trees at the vet center. Being a veteran, I think human health and human life are something that we earn, and I think that the vets should have priority over a tree. I’m just questioning, did you ever serve in the military where you earned your medical privileges?

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