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Sound off for May 29
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Here are some of the issues area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not know if they are true, nor do we know what motivated the callers:


We hear daily on the national news channels that our country is experiencing serious unemployment, home mortgage foreclosures by the thousands, our once great auto industry down the tubes, Wall Street bail outs with seemingly endless money going out, banks going under and now another bank is being built in Hinesville. Huh?

 Dick Cheney says waterboarding does work. I wish he would have waterboarded the economy that he left in such a mess worldwide.

 I know this person who pretends her phone in out of order, that it’s got static on it. She won’t answer it. She lets her machine pick up because she wants people to visit her in person. It’s an old trick.

Active duty and military retirees, remember to ask for your military discount at Lowe’s. You deserve it.

I can take a hint. I’ll just take my kids and have them play in another league. You change the time of the game and you don’t even call me. I do have voice mail, so I know you didn’t call.

 If you have a nosey neighbor, everyone has one, just ignore them. They’ll eventually move on to other neighbors.

The Small World Festival was very enjoyable. And my hat is off to the Hispanic community for carrying the event. Your diverse presentations were beautiful and the food was great.

 What a shame a get-well card mailed from Midway to a patient at the hospital in Hinesville didn’t get there. I even had the room number. A mail clerk told me they get very few cards. I don’t believe that.

 Well the 5th brigade is finally coming to Fort Stewart/Hinesville. I’d like to know how Liberty County is going to handle, 1. traffic, 2. extra students, 3. medical facilities, 4. soldiers aren’t going to buy houses, they want to rent or live on post, 5. entertainment to keep them out of trouble.

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