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Sound off for May 3
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This is the second year in a row I have called in reference to grass cutting on Airport Road. They come one time and they don’t come back; they cut Veterans Parkway three or four times a day.

Elected board of education members, you fired the transportation director, and now you have lowered the requirements of the next one. Hmm. Something smells rotten.

The airplanes that carry us all around the world, now people are stuck in the airport with no ground controllers and no one to keep airplanes from falling out of the sky on top of houses and stuff. And then the people that fly jets, they don’t realize it, but every time they get in a jet, it’s like taking an X-ray. It’s time for people to look out for one another.

Midway needs another grocery store real bad. The one we have is too high, so I hope someone will come in here and put up another grocery store in Midway.

Well, the public high schools here in town can’t have the best players because they’re giving free scholarships at the private school so they can have good teams: the baseball, the football and the basketball kids, most of them are going to school free.

Sunday, April 28, 2013, “The easy way becomes the hard way” by Ronda Rich is the most truthful, fact-filled article you’ve got in your paper. And if more people lived by that article, we’d have a better rule. I, too, worked my rear end off in high school. I made good of my life and now I’ve got a nice, expensive car sitting out in the driveway. I worked my everything for it, and it pays off.

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