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Sound off for May 30
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I’d like to know what brilliant individual decided to drain the pond at Brewton Parker. Is this another one of our school board idiocies?

These people on post need to hire employees for what they have on their resume, not from what they hear from other people. That is not fair.

The person who has been complaining about the St. Simons retreat and its cost paid $8,000 in local property taxes this year, and paid more than $40,000 in federal and state income taxes.

I don’t know why some parents sign their kids up for sports if they’re not going to make sure their kids get to practice so they get better and arrive for games early. This is wrong; all the coaches are volunteers. They do not get paid. Please show them respect.

The only way any child gets better at a sport is practice, practice, practice. Even if you’re the best player, you still need practice — that is important. If your child plays poorly at a game, it is because you did not take them to practice or you did not take the time to help them get better.

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