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Sound off for May 30

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In the "Democrats review legislative session" article, what exactly is meant by "Medicaid expansion," and how is it going to create 56,000 new jobs in Georgia and 3,000 new jobs in this area? I would like to see an article that explains more.

All property owners need to go up the tax assessor’s office and appeal their latest property tax assessment.

I want to thank Deputy Ashdown for the kindness and compassion that he showed me and my family last Sunday morning. He is a true professional and a credit to our local law enforcement.

Liberty County Recreation Department needs better-informed umpires.

Congratulation to the Long County Sheriff, Mr. Craig Nobles.

Coastal Courier, May 25, 2016, "Liberty, Long sheriffs lead early." Front-page news, right here. The Republican Party, Will Bowman running for sheriff. You didn’t do all that for Steve Sikes, did you? Boy, you’re not biased, are you?

Editor’s note: The Republican candidate for Liberty County sheriff is Robert Brooks. The Democratic candidates are Rondy Bacon, Will Bowman, Lamar Cook, Elton Dudley and incumbent Steve Sikes.

I am eager to visit Liberty County’s new library — thank you Mrs. May — but I can’t find a parking place within walking distance.

Budget cut ideas for Liberty County: Teachers are already sweeping, vacuuming, mopping their floors; wiping desks and tables, taking trash to the dumpsters, and cleaning bathrooms, so maybe we don’t need custodians?

Congratulations to all of the graduates who have earned the right to wear that gown and walk across that stage! Too bad that the majority of the Board of Education members, who should be role models, have not earned the right to wear the gowns they will be wearing. Shame on you for disrespecting those who truly have earned this right!

It is May 21st, and schools all over the Southeastern U.S. are having graduation and getting out for the summer. But not Liberty County, even though we started school earlier than they did. Because of our dishonest BOE members and their hidden agendas, we are in school for another week and will have our long Memorial Day weekend ruined because of graduations. Please stop stretching the school calendar and just let us out!

I just wanted to say thanks to Liberty County School Superintendent Dr. Valya Lee. Keep up the good work. You do put the children first in Liberty County!

I don’t know what scrimmage Coach Hill was at Saturday, but the Tigers were so bad they couldn’t even beat themselves.

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