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Sound off for May 6
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We had the GSA stealing money, going to Vegas and spending our money — thousands and thousands of dollars. And yet, here we put in this system to take jobs away from people at our gates on the military posts. This is not right. If you look at the people working there, many retired women and other people need these jobs.  

I was just wondering about the people that walk around all day in their pajamas. Those dirty, dingy pajamas that people wear and then think they’re cute. Do you walk around in them all day and then when you get ready to go to bed, do you take a shower and put on blue jeans and go to sleep?

Obama’s coming to visit Fort Stewart. When he was here in 2010 in Savannah, he couldn’t fly over here and visit us? Oh, but now it’s election time, so he’s going to give us the time of day. We’ve lost many a soldier in these wars we’ve had, and he couldn’t come over here and visit?

What I’m not understanding about the headline about the HIV positive man, there was also a soldier name that did not get mentioned, nor his face, on the cover of the Coastal Courier. I think the public deserves to know who is reckless in their behavior, spreading such a disease. It was not only Washington who may have received it that night, so I don’t understand why the soldier is not being pointed out.

To the unnamed pizza place: Do you not think your customers realize when you tell them your total on the phone, that it’s always $3 higher when it reaches their home? Any unnamed pizza place in Ludowici that’s charging $3 more than the price on the phone needs to stop doing that.

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