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Sound off for May 6
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America is supposed to be the Godly nation to all people. I hope they don’t have many zeros on their report cards, because if they do — Earth, wind and fire and Noah’s Ark. And you can’t drink all that water in 24 hours. We need to get back to treating people right and doing what the good book says.

Jesus already died for us one time. The next time it will be your turn. Where will you spend eternity?

The farmers market here in town is a good concept. I would like to know where the vegetables are coming from — they are not growing here, because it is too early to grow melons, tomatoes, peppers. I think the vendors should let us know where the vegetables are coming from. I thought the idea was to buy local; I’d like to know how what chemicals were used, and if the farmer’s didn’t grow the items, they can’t tell me what chemicals were used and when they were last sprayed.

The proposed road expansion on Veterans Parkway and Airport Road seems like a waste of money. You’d think they could spend the money some other way.

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