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Sound off for Nov. 11
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A recent Courier announced again that the city, the county, the board of education, the hospital, all of those now are looking to raise. They haven’t decided now, they’re waiting for the digest — that’s to keep the public uproar down. The bottom line is we did not need a $12 million football field change to the board of education, we did not need a city hall of that magnitude, we did not need the Chinese visit and the Chinese visits here.

The reason the bus station got switched from the golf course to Fleming is because a Citgo gas station complained about the bus blocking their pumps. So they complained to the Greyhound bus station, and Greyhound switched to Fleming. That is why we don’t have a decent bus station in this town — because a business owner complained. I know because I was on the bus at the time and the bus driver told me.

I would like to know why the Democrats, even in our town, feel like it is alright to spend our money to travel to Washington, D.C., to China, and pay for other people to come to visit here. We work hard for our money, we pay our taxes. What gives you the right to spend our money as you please? This is wrong.

Hello Americans. Let us all take notice of how many and which foreign nationals or countries will provide free disaster relief to Americans in the wake of the monster storm that has devastated the Northeast. I say stop foreign aid or reduce it until the Northeastern states have fully recovered from this monster storm.

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