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Sound off for Nov. 13
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I was in Walmart yesterday and I saw a member of the Department of the Army inspector-general staff make an on-the-spot correction to a sergeant major for walking in uniform and talking on his cellphone. And the sergeant major just blew him off and told him that only applied to him if he was outdoors. And this is senior leadership. I said everybody and their brother knows that this is not true, that you cannot walk and talk on a cellphone while in uniform. This really speaks loud and clear for the senior leadership at Fort Stewart, and I ain’t too sure that I trust them, and I don’t think nobody else in Hinesville should.

I’m wondering if the good Christian ministers in town know that they’re considered terrorists on the new Army regs taught by EEO. The new soldiers are being taught that Christians are terrorists and also conservative people and some other people you’d be surprised are terrorists. Why is this being allowed?

I think it’s disgraceful that these people at retreat can’t get out of their cars and render honors to the flag. The general ought to ban them from driving on post for 30 days; then, they’d have no reason not to get out of their cars.

In response to the idiot who stated that a wheelchair emblem required that the owner use a wheelchair: There are medical problems such as COPD, heart conditions and MS that have not progressed to the wheelchair stage but limit a person’s walking ability.

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