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Sound off for Nov. 14

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I think that this CG company has missed Arlington Park. On Arlington Drive, no one made any type of sweep to pick up any debris which is stacked all over the side of the road. Can someone please check on this?

To the person who put their walking stick or some sort of wood stick in my trashcan and the lid would not shut: Use your own can. Stay out of mine. I do not appreciate it. I work out of town all day and the last thing I want to do at night is come home and try to figure out what to do with this so I can put my own trash in my can. I pay for this service. I suggest you do the same. My trash can is not for public use.

The city of Midway spends more money on police cars and the police department. All they are doing is running the people around Midway because they stop you for anything. The mayor and council didn’t even put in their budget for a city hall. They even voted down to let Walmart come to Midway. We need more than that high priced IGA. I watch cars drive past Butler Avenue daily, so why don’t they want us to have more choices of stores?

The sheriff fired a deputy for sexting on his phone, one for receiving stolen goods, one for pulling out his gun on someone in another county. So why would he not fire the deputy for shocking fish, which is illegal. But I guess we have no one in this county to say anything.

It’s a shame we need to spray for these mosquitoes. Do you know what that does to the already endangered honey bees? By the way, whoever said this would be a short-lived two-week inconvenience was wrong. These mosquitoes are just as bad as when they first began hatching after the storm.

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