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Sound off for Nov. 15

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Can we vote in the runoff if we didn’t vote in the election?
Editor’s note: Yes, so long as you were registered to vote by Oct. 5.

Whose decision was it to have voting inside the Shuman Rec? It was absolutely too small in there.

Would Bradwell Institute still be a powerhouse in athletics if the county hadn’t built a new high school two decades ago?
I’d like to compliment the Hinesville Police Department for being professional courteous and nice.

Let’s see, the top vote getters in Hinesville’s mayors race were a guy who was mayor before and a city councilman who’s had the job for years. Do you think voters here want progress, or just the same old, same old?

The Sound off again proved why Bradwell can’t win a football game. It’s because parents complain “don’t yell at my child” and “my child is getting hurt.” If you don’t want your child getting hurt don’t let them play football.

I want to thank the person who turned in my umbrella at Wal-Mart last Tuesday. I was very careless to leave it in a shopping cart. You were kind and honest enough to turn it in at the service desk. You’ve restored my faith in mankind.

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