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Sound off for Nov. 16
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To the person in reference to tickets for the light next to Checkers, on the front page of the Coastal Courier, police stated warnings will be issued until the signs are erected. Had you passed your drivers’ test, you would know naturally there is never a turn authorized on a red arrow. Therefore, a sign is more of a courtesy than required by law.

President Richard Nixon, he said that they will have to find somebody else to kick around besides him. That is so true. History repeats itself.

Since we have Dollar General and we have a Family Dollar in Midway, when are we going to get a Dollar Tree? Seems like we can’t get any big department stores. Only these, and they’re OK, but we’d like to see some restaurants in here, even a Krystal or a Burger King or some of those types in Midway.

If you don’t know what an amendment means on your voting ballot, just leave it blank or you may vote for something that you don’t want. A fine example would be charter schools. They make it sound all good, but what it’s going to do is take money out of the public school system.

Yes, as a disabled American that comes to work every day, and a proud member of the 53 percent and the majority is paying the way for the 47 percent loud minority about how good everything is great. I promise you, if they had to pay their taxes — I did — or come to work every morning at 4 o’clock when you don’t have any legs or you’re blind — maybe they would appreciate it.

This is for the caller who called in and said “Obama has been nothing but honest.” My goodness, that person must have had their head under a rock for the past four years. Obama’s known as liar-in-chief. He’s done nothing but lie and deceive the people.

I just read where Coach Walsh is saying that his team is committing turnovers and penalties and busted assignments and blaming the kids on that. That is a coaching problem. Come on, guys, we need to turn this thing around. We need a new coach.

Coach Walsh is blaming the players. From what I could tell and what I see, these players are not focused, they’re not prepared. That is the responsibility of the coach. We need a new coach. Walsh needs to go.

I would just like to remind everybody that we have two major holidays coming back to back: Thanksgiving and Christmas. All those people living on fixed incomes — probably your parents — cannot afford to cook for all of y’all, but they will anyway. So please bring food, bring something, always help your family out in this time of need.

The Family Dollar store in Midway was not open when the ads went out. It was not open, but we went up and went. It should have been in the paper that it was not open on Nov. 3.

A bunch of angry people were there when the Midway Family Dollar did not open like the ad went out on Nov. 3. A bunch of people went there early, and no store open. Why couldn’t this have been put in the paper?

The Veterans Administration on Fort Stewart says all the Vietnam Veterans that spent 21 years in the military now have to reapply for VA benefits. I guess it must be going to cost us some more.

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