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Sound off for Nov. 18
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To my fellow American that says you can’t blame the Republican Congress for what they did, you must have forgotten about obstruction. Look it up, buddy, because that’s exactly what all those Republicans did — obstruct.

Congratulations, Long County Blue Tide football team, you went out with a bang. Best season, ever. We’ll sure miss Friday night football. Thanks, Coastal Courier, for your coverage.

Please, please will the persons that took the two kittens in front of the doctor’s office on South Main Street, please return them. I have an appointment for them to be spayed and neutered and to get their rabies shots.

I’m calling about the Ricefest. We need new judges that are not family members judging one another. A sister-in-law as a judge shouldn’t be judging the person with the bowl.

Liberty County, where’s our Sunday sales referendum?

I want to say thank you to Liz at the Fort Stewart vehicle registration office. You were a ray of sunshine after a stressful wait. Thanks again for your compassion.

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