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Sound off for Nov. 18
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can neither verify sources nor their motives. Call 876-3733 to leave a message.

I’m calling because I want get a message to some school administrators about their fourth-grade class that my son’s in. My child deserves an education just like any other child, but there’s a child in that classroom that crawls around on the floor, makes noises. And I know he’s a special-needs child, but what about my child? My child deserves an education, too. My child should have rights. It’s just not fair to the class for this child to be allowed to continue to disrupt their education. I don’t understand; why does this one child, his rights, outweigh the rights of the other 20-something kids in the classroom? I don’t understand. Someone needs to look into it.

This message goes out to the person or persons that are too lazy to return their carts to the returned-cart area. Instead, you park it by my car or some other person’s car. This is something that’s really irritating when you come out from shopping and find out that someone is too lazy to return their cart and they parked it by your car, practically on top of your car. For those of you who are guilty of this, please take into consideration that your car is not the only car that is parked in a parking lot.

There’s something how God’s judgment will fall upon the nations. But it’s because people bring judgment on their own self because of a lack of love, and an outpouring of God will fall upon the people because of their own will.
I urge each and every parent who has a sibling in school to go to YouTube and in the search box, type in “Charlotte Iserbyt” and find out about the deliberate dummying down of America. Find out what Common Core is really about.

There’s a video on Facebook about the girls who got in the fight. What I don’t understand is why the teacher grabbed the girl who wasn’t even fighting instead of the one who was doing the hitting and that the other girl continued hurting her. This video is on Facebook and should be looked at. This is what you call bullying. And the other kids standing around videotaping should be in trouble, too.

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