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Sound off for Nov. 2
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They need to use some of that SPLOST money to get a mosquito truck over here on Pineland, Wildwood Subdivision. We’re getting eat up. They must have blown in with the hurricane.

I guess the minorities in this state and around the country still want to live on the Democratic plantation. What has the Democratic Party ever done for you after all these years?

Where are the mosquito sprayers? I hadn’t seen any mosquitoes until this past week and now I can’t go out my door, that they aren’t swarming at the door. And I live in the middle of town, so I know they shouldn’t be out there.

Cancer survivors have so much to be grateful for and shouldn’t take anything for granted.

A streetlight is needed badly from Wimbledon Court to Stonehenge Drive on Salisbury Way. This is a safety issue. It’s dangerous. City of Hinesville, please help.

I don’t know what it is going to take, but Liberty County, please get a new Head Start.

With the new stores coming to Hinesville, we could have had a mall. I’m just saying.

Regardless of who wins this presidential election, we must work together to help build the country and respect each other. This is what America is all about, respect for each other.

I believe Trump is going in by a landslide this time because Christian people will come out and vote, especially those who have been saved. If you believe in abortion, vote for Hillary. If you don’t believe in abortion and homosexuality, vote for Trump.

Notice, to all patients going to an appointment: Get ready to wait two or three hours. I just hope we get some new doctors in the Hinesville area so we don’t have to wait so long.

Why isn’t WikiLeaks revealing emails and such from the RNC? I find that ironic, if that makes any sense at all.

Parents at Joseph Martin Elementary School received a flyer yesterday stating that they will be honoring only straight A students on the honor roll. They won’t honor A and B honor roll students. They are blaming it on the CCRPI index. That’s completely unfair. No other schools are doing that.

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