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Sound off for Nov. 21

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I do understand the planes are standing by for the people who were going to be leaving the country if Trump won. I don’t believe I’ve heard of anyone getting on those planes.

What a disgrace to the ROTC program at Liberty High School that two members are allowed to sit during the national anthem.

To all of you who voted Republican on voting day and those who didn’t come out to vote, as the process begins and the new president is sworn in on inauguration day on Jan. 20, don’t complain when things don’t change. You know what you voted for.

Well the evangelicals have fulfilled their prophecy. They’ve elected the world’s third anti-christ.

I just witnessed the emergency room personnel at Liberty Regional being so rude to an old man that could not hear. He just looked awful and they turned him away, telling him to go to his regular doctor. I will never use that hospital again. I’ll go to Savannah for any medical procedure.

Do you actually have to take a driver’s test to drive in Georgia? I see so many messed up drivers in this state. It is beyond belief.

Thank God we didn’t replace the wimpy liberal that we have in the White House now with another wimpy liberal. That would have been a disaster for our country.

I was wondering if there was any particular reason the city of Hinesville was not flying the American flag this Veterans Day. This city is populated by veterans, supported by veterans, and it seems to be an insult. Whatever the case, I’ll go elsewhere.

I question the Courier’s carrying nothing on the president election. Is there a reason for that?

Editor’s note: The reason is that we are a local paper. We do not have sources for state and national news. All of our resources were focused on covering the local results.

Hillary lost. Now we can put her out to pasture where she won’t do any more harm

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