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Sound off for Nov. 25
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As parents, we stress our children to obtain education and knowledge. When we as parents see things that need to be changed and modified within the public schools they attend, to better help the children achieve reasonable goals, what foothold do we have as parents, especially if we feel the schools they attend and the board of education that represents them are not listening? Well, here’s a clue, guys, here’s some knowledge for these parents out here: Stop filling out the federal impact aid form they send home. You are not required by law to disclose your private information. It’s called the Privacy Act. Maybe if the schools stop getting federal funds for every child of a military or civil-service employee, maybe they’ll stop and listen to us, especially if it affects their financial well-being.

I went shopping at the commissary on Tuesday, and I picked up a pumpkin pie and it was priced at almost $10. No wonder you see a lot of these soldiers shopping at Walmart and Kroger and all the other stores off post. I thought the commissary was supposed to be a better place to buy groceries. Commissary manager, you need to look into this.

I said it’s a shame how the politicians in our country make our country look so weak and stupid because of what they think other people should be doing and should not do, and like some people can’t take care of their own self. It just leaves you open and vulnerable to other countries. And God knows when you’re lying.
If you’d like to hear good Christian singing, come to Crossroads Holy Church of God at 196 and Airport Road and hear the children and teenagers’ choir. You will be blessed.
Cannot get through to the postal service and am calling because in the Fowler area, we have to get our mail, at the latest, 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Now it’s 6-6:30, the lady is delivering mail. Is this person getting paid overtime for delivering mail that late in the evening?

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