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Sound off for Nov. 26
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The cliquish and clannish influence and dominate for District 2 elections. The male candidate had money, signs, pastory, state representatives, city and county councilmen endorsements — and absolutely zero experience. Like father, like son. The female candidate had none of the above, yet she had knowledge, experience, education and God on her side.

When asked why we don’t get to vote on Sunday alcohol sales like other counties, I was told 100 people decide this issue for us by not allowing it to be on the ballot. Who are these people who can rob us of our democracy? Yet we can always get it on Fort Stewart or at the restaurants. What democracy?

The Bible tells us not to heap coals up upon our own heads, and I believe that so many people are doing that. And it just turns into lies. And also, I think in 2012, it’s going to tell us where to go for being like that and not loving your neighbor as yourself.

Vic Waters is hilarious.

If you missed your Courier delivery, all you have to do is call the Courier office. I have been a subscriber for many years and only missed my delivery a couple of times. I called and it was delivered in a short time. Thank you, Courier, for good service.

When Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, Sheriff Martin organized a relief effort and had his deputies collect things and had people donate, and he had a big truck they could deliver it in. I’d like to know why Sheriff Sikes has not done the same for the Northeast, and why, I know he used to go to other countries with stuff for them, so why is he not heading a relief effort for those in the Northeast?

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