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Sound off for Nov. 30
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If Hillary Clinton steps down from her job in January, maybe she’ll consider with her grandchildren — if she has them — helping them make some cookies. That would be nice of her to change her coat.

Disciplinary action was taken against that second-grade student that brought the gun to class. If the parents are responsible for what the child does, should not disciplinary action be taken against that parent who left that weapon unsecured?

Subject is Hinesville’s property-tax increase. I wonder why, when we get in financial trouble in city hall, we don’t watch our spending. Like the trip to China and the hosting of the Chinese when they come here. Like our trip to St. Simons for the meeting when we built a big city hall and can shut the doors and tell employees no calls. We can even have an alcoholic reception up here, and look how much money we’d save!

I was disappointed again today with the 15-minute Veterans Day Parade. Our veterans of the Hinesville and surrounding areas deserve much more honor and respect than 15 minutes.

I, for one, am glad they moved the bus station back to Fleming. It is closer to the base again, and not all the way across town. And I didn’t think the store was a good location; the parking was bad for the bus, and there were other things I saw that bothered me.

I, too, would like to know why Liberty County High School and the board of education are not hiring another ROTC instructor. It is a very good program for our teens, and the more instructors we have, the more teens can participate. It also could provide employment for someone who is in need of a job. What happened to the money for that instructor? I know the military pays a portion of the salary, so what did LCHS and the BoE do with that money?

To the person that put that they need a new city council elected in 2015: Tell the person to run themselves for city councilman. Let’s see how far they get. If they are an elected official to another position in the county, tell them to run for city councilman. I think the city councilmen are doing what’s right, not what they want the city councilman to do.

I just finished reading the Sound off, and there’s one article that struck me very deeply: cleaning up city hall, and we’re going to do that from top to bottom. It has a 1-800 number there. Definitely, I’m going to call that number because we do need to get these jellyfish out of government, because they’re nothing but tokens there.

Yes, we became a nation of moochers, and we have a Santa Claus in charge, and it’s hard to beat Santa Claus.

If Sen. Chambliss from Georgia goes and raises taxes, he will lose about 20 votes from my family, and I will go and advise others from Georgia that he’s raising our taxes.

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