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Sound off for Nov. 4
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

Could you please print out the voter machines for the polls and tell us people who have never voted before how to go about it? And also what are the candidate’s names who are running for election?

Come on, Liberty County. We need a dog park so we can stop walking our dogs on the side of the road. It’s dangerous. We need a dog park.

Calling all Hinesville’s honest folks: My 1-year-old lost his stuffed monkey with bananas on his head at Lowe’s. We looked high and low for him, but could not find him. My 1-year-old would be so thankful for his return. Please return it to Lowe’s lost and found. It was won at the seafood festival and we cannot get another.

I encourage all voters who are eligible in Hinesville to go to the polls. Read Wednesday’s Coastal Courier. Read the editorial. Read the proposed budget that includes a tax increase. Look around you — there went your Christmas. Where did it go? Take a drive around Hinesville and see where your tax dollars went. Please go vote.

Can we walk our dogs in Bryant Commons?

My wife and I were at a restaurant here in Hinesville. They brought us a basket of chips that already had salsa on them. I asked the waitress if they were fresh. She said they set them up and whenever customers come in, they grab a basket of chips and bring them over. I asked if the chips were already on a table with somebody else, and she said, “Yeah, as long as they’re not hurt, we bring them back to another table.”

To the referees who purposely threw the ball game so that Liberty County would lose tonight, I hope you can live with your conscience. That was just terrible that you did that to those boys.

This is to the person who is tired of hearing about Troy Davis: You’re sill hearing about him because Georgia truly has blood on its hands for killing an innocent man. You’re right — his appeals were heard and denied, but what about his new evidence? What about the people who recanted? Why couldn’t he take a polygraph? How’s his family supposed to rest in peace?

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