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Sound off for Nov. 4
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Please stop wasting time about the election that’s once every four years. We are a community. Please put something in the paper about rebuilding our parks and playgrounds. They are outdated. I am willing to help with any projects. Our children need it.

Concerning the auto-repair shops in the Wildwood subdivision: Do these people have a business license, and are they paying taxes on all of the work that they perform? This area needs to be cleaned up — it’s really ridiculous, all the trash in the yards and these unsightly vehicles that are just parked there. Who knows? They may not even have valid license plates.

When you go to the polls, remember: If we don’t get rid of Obamacare, people in Washington, D.C. will decide if your mother should live or die, if she gets treatment. Even your father; they will make a decision. And your mother will not be able to go back into the hospital until 30 days, even if she’s very, very ill. This is very serious — the government should not be telling you, your doctor should decide your mother’s health.

Like I said before, please, don’t be jealous of me because I like my nice things and I wear my new clothes every Sunday. I still can sing in the choir, that’s my prerogative. I like to look like, and I’m going to look nice because I got it made like that. If you want nice things, then you need to go out and do what it takes to get it. So quit hatin’.

Say what you want to say, I’m voting for the president that cares about all the people, not the one who says he’s concerned about the 53 percent because the other 47 percent don’t matter. Yes, I’m voting for President Obama, the real president.
I also agree with the caller that says Winn Army Hospital doesn’t have Fox News on any of their channels. It’s all CNN and HLN. Every time I go to Winn, all I do is see CNN and Headline News. I never see Fox News on there, and as a matter of fact, Fox News has more for the military than CNN, which is against the military all the time.

About the Obama-Biden ticket and the person who said they weren’t going to vote for them because he was smirking and smiling, tell yourself the truth: You weren’t going to vote for them anyway.

Yes, to the man who said that if you don’t provide your husband what he needs at home, eventually he will stray: Some men are just greedy. You have women that keep the house clean, keep the kids together, work, and the men still stray. What you got to say about that?

To the recent caller, if you changed your vote because of the smirking that was going on at the vice-presidential debate: I guess you’re not going to vote at all, because Romney was beyond rude and disrespectful to the president. Guess that’s one vote we won’t have.

Evidently, the ignorant person that blames a Republican Congress for the defense budget not being passed must have failed civics and didn’t pay attention to it while in school. The Republican-held Congress passed a budget that was sent to the Senate, the Senate, under the leadership of Harry Reid, did not bring that budget to a vote. Consequently, President Obama never signed it.

To the person that said Democrats are atheists: You cannot be a Godly person. How can you judge people in what political party they are? God loves all his children. You need to pray.

Yes, in response to all the people who are complaining that Obama has not done anything about unemployment: I just want to let people know we have plenty of employment. Become a school bus driver, take responsibility and do a job that is hard to do.

To the person that went to Winn Army Hospital and didn’t see Fox News on the TV, that’s all they have in there. Go to any public place in Hinesville, and that’s all they have. You’re just like every other conservative — you just want everything for yourself.

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