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Sound off for Nov. 7
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This is in reference to the parent that called about the Long County teachers: No. 1, those teachers only wear jeans when they are supporting Relay for Life and other causes in the community. No. 2, when was the last time that that parent stepped into a school, said thank you to a teacher for the great work that they do, and checked themselves for volunteering? Sometimes we just complain about teachers but never do our part as parents. Buck up, do your part as a parent and quit worrying about what those teachers are wearing.

The board of education thought everything was going to be OK, because the bully on the block, Camden County, was gone. But 55 to nothing? I guess there’s a new bully on the block.

I’m really sorry about the incident that happened with the teacher, but what about the students that knock over their desks when they’re angry, spit at the teachers, kick them and do all manner of other things? Nothing is done to them, so why can’t we press charges against them? They get a slap on the wrist and a day on ISS. Come on now, this is just as bad.

Sound off’s got to get better. It’s just been no good lately, I’m going to quit reading the paper from Sound off if it doesn’t get better.

I’m calling about the Liberty County junior varsity teams. We are trying to go in, but they don’t represent our kids at all — there are no snack machines, there are no announcers. They don’t do anything for our junior varsity teams to encourage other people to come.

Why won’t Liberty County High School and the board of education officials hire another JROTC instructor at Liberty County High School? It has been over three years since an instructor there passed away, and his position has yet to be filled. How many instructors are allowed? Bradwell is hiring another instructor, and Liberty County isn’t. What’s their problem?

I think y’all need to change y’alls name from Coastal Courier to Coastal Hit-and-Miss, because it seems like on Elizabeth Street, we’ll get the paper today, tomorrow we don’t get it. We’ll get it Wednesday, we don’t get it Sunday. We get it Friday, we don’t get it Wednesday. Y’all just hit and miss with your deliveries.

The people of Midway and the area around Midway need to not buy gas in Midway because it’s 30 cents higher than it is in Hinesville, and most of us do go to Hinesville. Thirty cents higher makes a difference on gallons of gas — I will quit buying in Midway.

To the customer who turned in my cell phone at the Family Dollar on 196, thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated that there are still kind people who will turn in things. Thank you.

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