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Sound off for Nov. 9
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When a policeman hides behind a tree or lurks around under the cover of darkness trying to catch people, that’s not good police work, but a sign you have too many policemen in this town.

I’m a former employee of CH2M Hill, and I know for a fact that the city could have balanced their budget on the backs of the OMI contract with CH2M Hill alone.

It is just too bad that people have to lie and cheat and steal and hate each other in order to go to hell, where the flame never dies and the worm stays on you day and night. And no water to drink. It’s a pleasure for them to go there, so just keep on doing what you’re doing.

Poker nights in local bars with entry fees and cash payouts — illegal gambling or not? I need to know.

Wow, get a scanner and listen to our county school bus drivers. There’s one man on there who is rude and unprofessional. I can’t believe he drives our children to school.

I think the mayor and his councilmen should be investigated. I don’t think it’s right that just because we overspent money going to China and having people from China come here, they’re not going to invest in Hinesville. I don’t think it’s right that they raise our taxes because they overspent the money. You guys should have to pay it back because you overspent.

I live in the Fleming area right near where the bus is dropping people off. These poor people that are trying to catch a bus out of here, or the soldiers coming in, it is $20 for a cab to get to Hinesville. That’s a disgrace for a town with a military post and for the soldiers trying to get to Hinesville. Something needs to change.

The coach at Bradwell is starting to get to be an embarrassment to the legacy of Bradwell. It’s time he resign or they run him off. One of the two. He needs to go.

This is in response to the person who’s talking about that the joint chiefs of staff agreed to the personnel reductions in the military. The last time I checked, the president was their boss, and the last time one of those generals disagreed, Truman fired MacArthur. Check that record.

Yes, I just read in the paper about cops cracking down on red-light turns that are not legal. On 84, there is not a right arrow, it is a solid red light. So this either is a misprint, and the police want to stop people for no reason. I’m not understanding what the violation is if it’s a solid red light.

This is in response to the Sound off for Oct. 26 where the individual is talking to the three Republicans: They stated in there that President Obama has given the retirees and veterans raises. Military retirees have not received a raise in VA benefits or in pay since 2000. Please get your facts straight.

I’d like to thank the First Baptist Church for the food the entertainment, and the wonderful time we had Oct. 26. Thank you for giving this to the community; this is the second year we’ve gone, and it is wonderful.

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