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Sound off for Nov. 9

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. Call 876-3733. You may anonymously submit a comment online at

What is the longest word in the English language? It’s "smiles" because there is a mile between the esses. What state is round on the edges and high in the middle? Ohio.

Some of the houses on Varnedoe Street don’t need Halloween decorations, not with all the trash and nasty in their yards. We need to call the Health Department.

Let’s not forget that in real life, most men live lives of quiet desperation.

Is it true that in some classrooms there are no books and everyone used iPads? How very "Fahrenheit 451" you are! Teachers and administrators need to take the time to look at the research and understand why many of your children are not good readers and — here’s a news flash — that matters in all subjects and all careers. They do not need to be learning to read only on computer screens!

So the sheriff didn’t fire the deputy that was caught shocking fish. So what kind of signal is he sending to the voters? But that same deputy is one of the main one’s harassing some in the black community. But our black elected officials laugh and grin in the sheriff’s face. The same ones who helped him get in office.

The Arlington Park Subdivision is in dire need of storm pickup. There are many piles at the curbs. Please advise CG of this.

Income tax season is coming again. Don’t be caught paying thousands of dollars to have your taxes prepared. That is simply ridiculous! Those who charge those kind of fees need to be reported to the IRS. Report them and they may have to pay you some of your money back.

Why don’t old parapros get keys like a new parapro? He got new keys already. I didn’t know parapros get keys to buildings, only teacher.

Florida was obviously in Hurricane Michael’s path and South Carolina was hit far more often than coastal Georgia; hence, they ordered evacuations first. Perhaps Liberty could have ordered evacuations a bit earlier, but people also have some responsibility for themselves. If one has the means and the situation worries you, then leave ahead of a mandatory order. However, I thought Liberty’s officials were uncharacteristically silent for too long this time. Even neighbors commented that Liberty’s Emergency Management was saying nothing when Glynn and Chatham were talking to their citizens. Of course we realize that everyone cannot be pleased and we all can learn from this experience.

Joesph Martin is not the only school that celebrates A honor roll only. Taylors Creek does the same thing; A’s only club.

You are absolutely right, caller. How dare Joseph Martin Elementary only honor the 90 students that made straight A’s and E’s on their report cards with an awards breakfast. It’s true, it’s totally unfair that no other school to my knowledge has chosen to hold such a prestigious event for those superior students.

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