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Sound off for Oct. 10
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Looks to me like Coach Walsh did all he could do with the players he had for the field. And it looks like the assistants weren’t much help to him. Maybe it’s the assistant coaches’ fault.

I agree with the caller about Meloney Drive and Brittney Lane intersection. A majority of the drivers are speeding through Meloney Drive — now they need to have the police patrol the area for speeders.

OK, down in Walthourville, we’ve got a problem with water billing. They want to send out the bills on or right at the 20th of the month, but they’ve got to be paid by the 20th or they charge you late charges. They will charge you late charges, and I don’t think that’s fair. Paying more for sewage than you do for clean water doesn’t make sense, either.

I’d like to thank the Fort Stewart community for coming together and doing a pill turn-in for those of us who have unwanted pills that we cannot take anymore. Thank you.

This is directly at my wife, but I’m sure there’s other men and people going through the same situation I am. Wives, if you don’t provide what your husband needs at home, eventually, he’ll stray and find it somewhere else. I know this is shameful and sinful, but it’s the truth. Provide what your husband needs at home, and he’ll have a happier home.

I keep reading about the Long County elections. First, let me say I do not live in Long County, but I’m reading it with interest because to me, it seems that Long County needs to get rid of their elections supervisor and the elections people. Seems like they’re the ones that have caused the county all this money.

Why doesn’t the Liberty County rec have girls’ soccer? Other recreation areas have soccer for girls — girls who are, like, 9 or 10 shouldn’t be shoved down by boys. Why are they?

I’d like to understand why they’ll bother some little girl who has a lemonade stand for a business license when they don’t bother to check all these guys running around mowing lawns. They need to be checked out.

To the person in Gum Branch who’s concerned about the Polo shirt: Do you really think Jesus cares about a person in a Polo shirt when there’s so much more in this world to be concerned about? Why don’t you worry about the beam in your own eye before you worry about the splinter in someone else’s eye?

Yes, God is in control of heaven, earth and hell. Do you have to answer to man and give an account, or do you have to answer to God in eternity? Which gate will you go through? The heavenly one or the one with the fire?

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