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Sound off for Oct. 11
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Communism is when the elite in the country, they get the best medical care, they get the best restaurants, and they eat, they’re rich. All the rest of the people, your money’s taken from you. If you make good money, you will pay more money for insurance, for food, for taxes so you take care of the rest of the people. This is how communism runs: Everybody’s treated equally poor. You all have to wait in line to get anything, and eventually our whole country will be poor because our money will be taken care of for us because the elite will run this country and they will tell us what to do, just like we’re allowing them to tell us what to eat, what to do, where to live. We are being treated like communism.

What’s going on in Hinesville? Illegal parking? Running stop signs? Not using signals? Driving without lights on at night and in the rain? And what’s with street cleaners at 4:30 in the morning? This is ridiculous.

I wonder if the Indians on the reservations know about the shutdown? Maybe they would let the poor in the north come and stay with them because it seems like that’s the kind of love and destination that’s equality. Thank God for saving us.

I cannot believe there’s no news on the state of our economy, Hinesville economy, in our newspaper for Friday in the Coastal Courier. Guess everyone has lots of money, doctor appointments, benefits, food, etc. We must be in great shape. Anybody read the pages for Obamacare? Interesting stuff.

Mr. Edwards, if the government shutdown continues into next year, the widening of Central Avenue will be the least of our problems.

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