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Sound off for Oct. 11
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not know if they are true, nor what motivated the caller:


As we grow older we see people for exactly what they are. It is a sad situation when someone doesn’t want to improve their lives.

If parents of children at Liberty County High School think their children are rude, they should visit the school to see how rude the staff are. That could be the problem.

Well it seems the Liberty County School Board came to its senses about not building that new school. Now maybe they can put taxpayers’ money to use and not furlough anybody next semester.

These preachers use the churches like ATMs. They need to get out of the stores, stop buying hats and suits. They need to get jobs.

If the Hinesville Building Inspection Department is any sign of Obama’s big government, oooh Lord, Heaven help us.

Regarding the fatal crash on Stewart Hodges Loop: There is not a single speed limit sign on any of our rural dirt roads. This curve is called dead man’s curve because of its sharp, S-shape. We are over-taxed and under-represented in Long County.

The robber in the house is the preacher who wants a 50 percent or more increase in salary.

If the wealthy would share the information of the stock market and money-making projects, then the needy would not have to have health care. But they choose not to do so. So God will do it. He said He will shake the earth once more again.

Bring back spanking and respect for elders and the parents and we will produce better men and women, and the country will last a whole lot longer.

If someone wanted their children to hear the Obama speech, they should have turned their television on and let them listen to it at home.

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