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Sound off for Oct. 13

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Donald Trump in his effort to appeal to blacks has just said he wants to bring back stop and frisk, something the NAACP has condemned.

As a parent, I’m pleased with the principal at Lyman Hall. He has been supportive and is building relationships with students, parents and teachers. What does it say about the teachers or staff members who continually call Sound off and throw him under the bus?

In the story about the development in Flemington they refer it to it being on Old Savannah Road. Are they referring to Old Sunbury Road?

I think the mayor should put the council on a bus and drive all around Hinesville instead of having a meeting to show them the slums developing because of no code enforcement and not wanting to make someone mad.

Thank you to the young gentleman and lady who came to help me back in August when I fell outside Family Dollar store in Midway. I’m 80 years old. May God bless you both.

Why are the high-paid mechanics, who work for the board of education, sending work out to be done somewhere else? That’s an abuse of my tax dollars. Maybe we should hire lower paid mechanics or do the work in the shop. That’s what they are paid for.

Hillary is kinda going down the tubes. I bet the Democrats are all panicked and scouring the cemeteries for new voters, or maybe illegal immigrants.

I would like to thank the Hinesville Police Department. My daughter just got her driver’s license and she was in an accident after a high school game. I want to thank them for excellent service, taking care of her and making her feel comfortable.

After reading all these positive things about our late sheriff in the paper, I think definitely he was a good man.

Oh, I’m so glad someone realizes Johnny Isackson and Buddy Carter are not for our best interest. Our benefits have been cut and they’ve support all of that. And they’ve got the nerve to support Donald Trump.

I have called the police department several (at least five on one address) times about a safety hazard on neighborhood streets. I have been told that if anything dangerous exists in the neighborhood to call them. It has to do with kids playing in the middle of the street impeding traffic and their basketball hoop protruding onto the street. The police show up, tell them to move the hoop and that’s it. A week later the same thing happens. I have sent emails to the chief of police, the city manager and the mayor but have gotten no response.

Saw this in the Savannah paper’s Vox and thought it applied to some employers in Liberty County: Age discrimination in hiring is a serious issue. They are not all sickly or unable to embrace modern ideas. Get over it people and hire some of us.  We just want to make it to retirement and then you can have it.

Every morning I see a woman in a car with her child waiting on a school bus. She is buried in her phone and the child is looking out the window. Please put the phone down and talk to your child. Someday you will wish you had done that.

I hope no one else catches the case of the stomach flu going around one of the local high school football coaching staff’ could be a career ender...literally.

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